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Not For Profit


Taking care of you, so you can keep taking care of others.

Because nonprofit organizations often deal with people on the most personal of levels, you are challenged by unique operational risks that can devastate your practice and reputation. Furthermore, any nonprofit organization is vulnerable to the same kinds of lawsuits brought against for-profit entities. Servco Pacific Insurance has extensive experience managing the risks and nuances for 501(c)3 entities, including:

  • Religious

  • Educational

  • Charitable

  • Scientific

  • Literary

  • Animal cruelty
  • Community housing
  • Arts and museums
  • Homes and shelters

See What Others Say About Us

“There is something remarkable and unique about Servco Pacific Insurance and my broker team. For one thing they understand the limitations which exist for nonprofit organizations and they truly advocate on your behalf. Their customer service is unparalleled, they are responsive, they are proactive, they keep you informed, and they provide a wealth of resources to help employers manage compliance. Servco Pacific Insurance is my broker of choice.”

Terrie Flaming

Director of Human Resources, Pacific Northwest Ballet

Servco Pacific Insurance Offers You An Enterprise Approach

  • Strong relationships with national and international carriers allowing us to deliver a broad range of options for your insurance needs.
  • A dedicated claims department that negotiates with carriers on your behalf to reduce claim costs.
  • A cutting-edge client interface service platform.
  • Full portfolio of risk management service including contract review.
  • Tailor-made insurance policy coverage that fits your business needs and appetite for risk.
  • Surety expertise including effectively issuing and tracking all bonds needed to run your business.