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Protecting your business from the elements.

Environmental exposures are complicated and difficult to navigate. Every business has them, and every business is vulnerable to environmental impacts from third parties. Client education is an integral part of sustainability and properly managing environmental exposures. Our team of industry professionals has the expertise and resources to get you fully educated on your environmental exposures and options for properly managing them. We can provide risk management services and insurance solutions for every class of business – environmental service providers, all contractors, public entities, municipalities, manufacturers, tribal nations, transporters, educational institutions, agricultural operations, healthcare, aviation, marine, golf courses, resorts, lending institutions, commercial real estate, port authorities, and more.

What is a pollutant?

Any material, substance, liquid, or product which is introduced into an environment for anything other than it’s intended use or purpose. Everyday items such as freshwater and milk can become pollutants. With that in mind, what pollutants could potentially impact your business?


  • Contractors Pollution Liability (CPL)
  • Professional Liability (PL)
  • Site Pollution Coverage (EIL, PPL, PLL, etc.)
  • Products Pollution Liability
  • Non-Owned Disposal Site Coverage
  • Transportation Pollution Liability (TPL)
  • Secured Creditor Coverage
  • Brownfields
  • Reps & Warranties for Mergers & Acquisitions Deals
  • Combined – GL/CPL, GL/Site Pollution
  • Storage Tanks (UST, AST)

Servco Pacific Insurance Offers You An Enterprise Approach

  • Strong relationships with national and international carriers allowing us to deliver a broad range of options for your insurance needs.
  • A dedicated claims department that negotiates with carriers on your behalf to reduce claim costs.
  • A cutting-edge client interface service platform.
  • Full portfolio of risk management service including contract review.
  • Tailor-made insurance policy coverage that fits your business needs and appetite for risk.
  • Surety expertise including effectively issuing and tracking all bonds needed to run your business.