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SEATTLE – Servco Pacific Insurance, an insurance brokerage and risk management firm, today announced the addition of an environmental specialty to its practice. According to the firm, billions of dollars are wasted each year by businesses that take a reactive approach to their potential environmental exposures and most insurance brokerage firms don’t offer a service to address environmental exposure. The new specialty will cover Hawaii and the U.S. mainland.

“Every company has some environmental exposure but it can be a complicated and difficult area to navigate,” said Joseph Hu, president of Servco Pacific Insurance. “The addition of an environmental specialty means we now have the expertise and resources to get our clients fully educated on their environmental exposures and options for properly managing them.”

The firm’s environmental practice will be led by certified Environmental Strategist, Parker Bunbury. Prior to joining Servco Pacific Insurance, Bunbury was the vice president of Marketing and Environmental Strategist for Environmental Risk Managers, Inc., a specialty wholesaler for environmental liability insurance.

Environmental Coverage’s brokered by Servco Pacific Insurance include:

  • Contractors Pollution Liability (CPL)
  • Professional Liability (PL)
  • Site Pollution Coverage (EIL, PPL, PLL, etc.)
  • Products Pollution Liability
  • Non-Owned Disposal Site Coverage
  • Transportation Pollution Liability (TPL)
  • Secured Creditor Coverage
  • Brownfields
  • Reps & Warranties for Mergers & Acquisitions Deals
  • Combined – GL/CPL, GL/Site Pollution
  • Storage Tanks (UST, AST)

Any material, substance, liquid, or product which is introduced into an environment for anything other than its intended use or purpose is a pollutant. Everyday items such as freshwater and milk can become pollutants. With that in mind, Servco Pacific Insurance helps clients figure out what pollutants could potentially impact their business. The firm can provide risk management services and insurance solutions for every class of business – environmental service providers, all contractors, public entities, municipalities, manufacturers, tribal nations, transporters, educational institutions, agricultural operations, healthcare, aviation, marine, golf courses, resorts, lending institutions, commercial real estate, port authorities, and more.

About Servco Pacific Insurance

Headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii, Servco Pacific Insurance (SPI) is a privately held insurance and risk management firm operating in Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest. SPI, which was founded in 1971, offers a full range of property & casualty, and marine insurance products, risk management services, traditional and loss–sensitive insurance programs, and employee benefits consulting. SPI is part of Servco Pacific Inc., Hawaii’s 4th largest Hawaii-based business and voted one of Hawaii’s Best Places to Work for over 10 years. For more information, please visit www.servcoinsurance.